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Clay Gun Instructions

Our Super Duper Clay Gun is a fun and simple tool for making handles, coils and tile trims of many shapes and sizes. Learning to use a clay gun can significantly improve the quality and consistency of your work and ‘wow’ your customers. We hope you enjoy!

Basic Operation – Clay Gun / XL Clay Gun:
Step 1: Remove the BLACK END CAP (1) from the BARREL (2). Using your thumb, depress the PLUNGER RELEASE TAB (4) and pull the T BAR PLUNGER (3) back.

Step 2: Load SOFT CLAY into the front end of the BARREL (2). The more clay you load, the more you can extrude. Pinch off the excess clay near the opening.

Step 3: Select your die profile and stick it to the clay at the end of the barrel. Carefully thread your BLACK END CAP (1) back on. You are now ready to extrude!!!

Step 4: Find a comfortable position to hold your clay gun. Tip: Try holding the clay gun vertical to avoid creases. While holding the HANDLE (5), squeeze the TRIGGER (6) to begin extruding clay in a pumping-action.

Once completely expelled, repeat steps 1-4.

Over-advancing the plunger results in a build-up of pressure and causes the clay gun to jam. This could be a pain if you are on a deadline. This problem typically occurs when the user does not realize they are out of clay. If this happens, carefully tap the PLUNGER RELEASE TAB (4) with a hammer to relieve the pressure.Using hard clay will break acrylic dies and end caps. Remember to always use soft clay!

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