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After trying 3 other wall mounted extruders from different vendors, I have found the Scott Creek 4 " aluminum extruder to perform the most efficiently for me.

Due to the lack of upper body strength that other extruders demand, the notched system on the Scott Creek allows me to plunge with ease the clay through the extruder using only one hand.

The wing nut attachment of the barrel allows for quick and easy clean up.

I have had my extruder for 4 years and find that I keep growing with it.

If you are a novice, teacher or even a serious clay extrudist, you will find this to be a great investment.

Rosanne S.

I've used this extruder for many years. I have the expansion box and use that regularly with custom hollow dies that I made from signboard (a high quality plywood that is mostly waterproof). I make thousands of extrusions and can rely on my Scott Creek every time.

David D.

I love my Extruder. I will recommend it to anyone that makes handles..
My clay is stoneware and nice and soft.
I also love how easy it is to clean.

Marie O.