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Our largest handheld clay extruder, the XL Clay Gun features a 14″ barrel with threaded cap and can accommodate approximately  2.5lbs of clay at a time. When paired with the die kit of your choice you can mass produce shapes, coils and handles with ease. All 2″ Clay Gun dies will work with this hand held extruder, a hollow die set is also available for this model.

Included in the box is a 1/2″ aluminum coil die and two blank aluminum dies for you to customize to your needs.

Scott Creek Pottery is the original extruder manufacturer, accept no substitute.

Available Accessories:

  • SC002 – 8pc Clay Gun Die Kit
  • SC026 – Blank Aluminum Die
  • SC034 – 8pc Handle Die Kit
  • SC035 – 8pc Shape & Coil Die Kit
  • SC036 – 8pc Tile Trim Die Kit
  • SC039 – 18pc Hollow Die Kit

1 review for XL CLAY GUN

  1. dfherrera

    Just recently purchased the XL Clay Gun from The Ceramic Shop and had a chance to use it. It seems well built and it comes apart easily for cleaning. After loading slightly more than 1 pound of clay, I was easily able to extrude about 4 feet of handles. You need to pull the trigger at a steady pace & pressure or the clay comes out with some kinks in it. Once you get the speed down (and it only takes a few squeezes to figure it out), this makes very nice consistent extrusions. Only a small amount of clay remains in the extruder after use making it easy to clean up without a lot of waste. This extruder came with a 1/2 inch circle die and two blank dies. I also purchased Scott’s Handle Die set. I have not used this long enough to speak about durability but the construction and design seem very sturdy.

    • Taylor Jones (verified owner)

      So glad you enjoy our Clay Gun! Thanks!

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