5″ Wall Mount EXTRUDER

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Serious capacity and serious size!

The classic design of our 5″ Wall Mount extruder features clay capacity of 12lbs, easily removable barrel cap for fast die changes, all aluminum barrel which won’t rust makes it safe for use with porcelains and other white clays. The barrel can be removed from the backbar for easy loading and cleaning while the removable handle and plunger assembly can be inserted or removed on the fly. Pair with the die set of your choice to make large runs of specific shapes easy and consistent. Mechanical advantage gives you a great amount of power to extrude clay with ease.

Scott Creek is the original extruder manufacturer, accept no substitute!

Available Accessories:

  • SC015 – Blank Aluminum Die
  • SC016 – 6pc Hollow Die Kit (includes inner die holder)
  • SC028 – 3″ Circle Hollow Die
  • SC029 – 24pc Die Kit
  • SC030 – Multi-Shape Handle Die
  • SC031 – Multi-Shape Coil and Shape Die
  • SC017 – Expansion Box w/Inner Die Holder (increases output dimensions to 8″ x 8″)
  • SC018 – 6pc Die Kit for Expansion Box
  • SC041 – Test Tile Die (2x knockout)


1 review for 5″ Wall Mount EXTRUDER

  1. David D’Urso

    I’ve used this extruder for many years. I have the expansion box and use that regularly with custom hollow dies that I made from signboard (a high quality plywood that is mostly waterproof). I make thousands of extrusions and can rely on my Scott Creek every time.

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